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Daryl Gregory - The Devil's Alphabet

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From Daryl Gregory, whose Pandemonium was among the most thrilling debut books in storage, comes an amazing work of soaring imaginative energy that breaks fresh ground in modern fantasy.Switchcreek was an ordinary city in western Tennessee until a strange disease killed a third of its citizens and mutated most of the remainder into massive oddities. Then, as rapidly and strangely because it had struck, the disease–dubbed Transcription Divergence Affliction (TDS)–vanished, abandoning a population split into three new divisions of mankind: giant grey-skinned argos, bald seal-like betas, and grotesquely overweight charlies.Paxton Abel Martin was fourteen when TDS struck, killing his mom, altering his preacher dad into a charlie, and altering one of is own close friends, Jo Lynn, into a beta. But Pax was among the several who didn’t change. He stayed as regular as ever.

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