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David Hagberg - The Cabal

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In Washington, CIA operative Todd Van Buren fulfills with a Washington Post investigative reporter who has discovered solid evidence that the powerful lobbyist has shaped a shadowy group called the Friday Team, a cabal whose associates include high ranking males within the authorities: a White House agent, a three-star standard at the Pentagon, deputy assistants at their State Department, Homeland Security, the FBI and even the CIA. That morning Van Buren, daughter-in-law of the renowned traveler Kirk McGarvey, is savagely gunned down due to what he’s been told.  Exactly the same night the writer and his family are murdered, all remnants of the darkness team erased.A grief-stricken McGarvey is attracted in to the most far-reaching and weird analysis of his profession, the levels which might destabilize the U.S. government, and move the foundations of the planet monetary order.    

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