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David J. Schow - Internecine

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“Smart, verbally, and scathing creative to an amazing level, Mark N. Schow is among the most fascinating writers of his generation.”—Peter Straub “Inter-what?” When marketing executive Conrad Maddox sees a mystical locker crucial waiting and returns from the red-eye flight in his rental-car, he discovers a briefcase laden with cash and weapons. Proprietor of the former contract murderer and situation to get a shadowy company named Norco, that will be currently out to nail both of these, his lifetime tumbles down a rabbit hole when he fulfills Dandine, hrs later. As Dandine informs Conrad, “Internecine” means shared damage, turmoil, and slaughter—or, they're today unintentionally at play in an area of “terrorism, table-murder, military coups, dirty methods, Watergate, traveler vs.

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