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David Matthew Klein - Stash

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From Introduction Author David Klein – A Full Page-Turning Tale of Suburbia and Its Secrets Gwen Raine is just a lady visitors can immediately identify: a stylish, thirtyish stay-at-home mother who lives in the type of relaxing suburban neighborhood where the spouses spend their times ferrying the children to and from school and music classes and character ideologies and where the partners work long, arduous hours at demanding white-collar careers to be able to keep up with the upscale standard of living to that the entire household is becoming all-too-used. It’s a milieu by which anything appears to be right—yet so much may proceed wrong.    And it does—starting inverted having Gwen’s perfect life that is turned by a seemingly minor decision. It’s an average Friday morning in late summer and Gwen is expecting an extended-anticipated weekend away in the river with her overworked husband, Brian, and their two young children. After losing her daughter off at swimming course, Gwen pushes across town to buy a little bag of pot from a classic fire.

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