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Deon Meyer - [Benny Griessel 02] - Thirteen Hours

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Winner of the Barry Award for Best Thriller [2011]Winner of this year's ATKV Reward for Suspense Fiction (South Africa) Finalist for the 2010 CWA Worldwide Dagger Short-Listed for the 2011 Boeke PrizeShortlisted for the 2011 Sunday Times Fiction Award Finalist for the 2011 Macavity Award––Best Secret Book Finalist for the 2011 Barry Awards––Best ThrillerAn unputdownable thriller from South Africa's number 1-bestselling crime writer.Some might contact Investigator Benny Griessel a tale. Others might call him a drunk.Either method, he's trodden on a lot of feet through the years actually to achieve the most truly effective of the marketing ladder, and now he focuses on remaining sober and coaching the brand new era of crime practitioners — mixed-race, Xhosa and Zulu. Nevertheless when an American backpacker vanishes in Cape Town, panicked politicians learn who to contact: Benny has only thirteen hours to save the lady, save his profession, and break open a conspiracy, which intends the entire country.A powerful, suspenseful thriller, and an excellent symbol of living in the united states that'll host the 2010 World Cup.

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