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Donald E Westlake - [Dortmunder 12] - Watch Your Back!

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- Following a year on the lam, the return of bumbling crook Dortmunder is just a cause celebre. The writeris newest Dortmunder caper. "The Street to Ruin, and the short-story collection, "Thieves' Dozen, received rave reviews in the "New York Times Book Review, New York Daily News, and "Kirkus Reviews (starred review), among different publications.- "Money for Nothing (Mysterious Press, 4/03) and "Put a Lid Onto It (Mysterious Press, 2002), two stand-alone secrets, have offered more than 68,000 hardcover and paperback copies combined.- Hollywood enjoys Dortmunder, also. "What's the Worst That May Happen?, starring Martin Lawrence and Danny DeVito, was a significant film in 2001.- Brian E.

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