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Donna Grant - [Dark Sword 03] - Wicked Highlander

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» Nielson BookScan Person Fiction Bestseller List » 3rd Spot Historic category JABBIC Competition » Champion FF&P category within the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence ContestThe Black Blade sequence releases the wonder, passion, and fury of three renowned brothers - cursed by destiny but destined by desire to have the ladies they adore,The absolute most careless and intense of the MacLeod brothers, Quinn is just a captive of the lord inside him, tormented by his inability to truly save his family from slaughter. He is governed by his fury, and daily he loses herself for the darkenss in his spirit. But Quinn includes a deep longing for a lady's love,. Elevated by Druids, the achingly gorgeous Marcail is really as hypnotic whilst the old miracle that rises through her body.

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