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Duncan Falconer - [Stratton 03] - The Operative (The Bomb Surgeon)

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Another pleasant Falconer place of action and excitement takes the audience on a roller-coaster trip across half the world to some fingernail-biting climax In battle-torn Iraq, Stratton’s nearest buddy is murdered while on procedure, abandoning a grieving kid and wife. Once the widow goes to L A she's brutally killed and her youngster put into state custody. Stratton, rocked to his fundamentals from the killing, reveals a FBI plan to full cover up the crime and sparks on the personal procedure of vengeance that fundamentally leaves him against among the most effective Western European crime syndicates in The Usa. Hunted by the CIA and FBI in addition to a ferocious military of Albanian mobsters and equipped only with his wits and an exceptional ability with explosives, Stratton often pursues his personal battle, a battle he thinks might be his last.

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