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Ellen Sussman - French Lessons

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Just one evening in London changes the lives of three Americans because they each trigger to discover the city with a French instructor, researching language, love, and reduction as their lives intersect in stunning ways.Josie, Riley, and Jeremy came to the City of Lighting for various factors: Josie, a senior school teacher, comes hoping of healing a broken heart. Riley, a lively but lonesome expat housewife, challenges to feel attached to her brand-new nation and her partner. And on the movie shoot Jeremy, the husband of the famous celebrity, is associating his spouse, however he seems remote from her globe. Because they satisfy with their tutors—Josie with Nico, a delicate poet; Riley with Phillippe, a shameless tease; and Jeremy with the consummately lovely Chantal—each succumbs to unknown activities and unforeseen enthusiasm.

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