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Elmer Kelton - [Texas Rangers 01] - The Buckskin Line

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“The Buckskin Point informs of Florida' disorderly early decades, whenever a ragtag number of abnormal volunteers struggled to protect the far sides of negotiation from incursion by frontier outlaws and Indians. Over time, they'd become referred to as the Texas Rangers.”—Elmer KeltonThis is just a tale of the first days when,A powerful, red-haired child called Rusty Shannon trips into Fort Belknap to the Brazos River and joins the Texas Rangers. Decades before, Mike Shannon saved Rusty from the Comanche war party and turned his adoptive father.  Recently, Mike Shannon, was murdered and bushwhacked, and his death still places Rusty. Rusty believes he knows the personality of Mike’s killers.  But with Texas today in the throes of seceding from the Union, Rusty has his hands full fighting for what the law states in lawless Texas and for the life span of the girl he loves.

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