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Elmer Kelton - [Texas Rangers 04] - Ranger's Trail

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In the spring of 1874 the Ranger businesses that protect residents against Indian raids and outlaw groups are now being restructured and Mark "Rusty" Shannon may be the most sought after expert for reenlistment.But Shannon has fresh objectives for his life: He's in deep love with Josie Monahan, child of the household that adopted him, and he expects to wed Josie and consider her to his plantation to the Colorado River. Rusty also seems love and obligation for Andy Pickard, a headstrong teenager he rescued from captivity one of the Comanche--just like Rusty herself was rescued like a red-haired child years before.Then an unspeakable misfortune--the killing of his precious Josie--modifications Rusty's ideas for a peaceful player's existence and adjusts his peace-loving personality. Bent on revenge, he often tracks Corey Bascom, son of an outlaw family and the person Rusty thinks is Josie's killer.But the trail Rusty is following might be leading him towards the incorrect man.Set within the tumultuous Renovation amount of Texas history, Ranger's Trail proceeds Elmer Kelton's stories of the roots of the famous Texas Rangers, told as fiction but historically correct in most detail and compiled by a popular son of Texas.

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