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Eva Hoffman - Appassionata

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Chosen as you of’s 20 Enticing Seaside ReadsSelected like a Ny Times Book Review Editors' ChoiceIsabel Merton is just a famous concert pianist, whose shows are marked by a rare responsiveness towards the difficulties of her artwork, and its extremes of feeling. At the peak of her profession, she seems increasingly split between your compelling musical realm she seriously inhabits, and her fragmented itinerant artist’s existence, with its regular routes, unknown resorts, and short, haphazard activities. Aside from her Ny home on the Western trip, Isabel meets a political exile from a war torn nation, a man driven by a rankling sense of injustice and a strong wish to vindicate his trigger and avenge his people. As their paths cross in a number of towns, they're attracted to one another equally by their variations and their apparently similar passions–until a threatening event tosses her right into a creative disaster, and causes her to reevaluate his steps, and her own motives. In this tale of modern love and turmoil, Hoffman illuminates the currents and undercurrents of our period, as she explores the luminous and dark encounters of romanticism, and these traditional individual yearnings, Worries, and ethical options that can lead to destructiveness, or even the wealthiest art. 

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