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Fannie Flagg - [Elmwood Springs 03] - Can't Wait to Get to Heaven

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Mixing southern heat with unabashed feeling and side-splitting humor, Fannie Flagg takes visitors back once again to Elmwood Springs, Missouri, where in actuality the most unlikely and shocking encounters of the large-lively octogenarian encourage a city to consider age-old question: Why are we here?Existence may be the strangest thing. About a minute, Mrs. Elner Shimfissle is up in her selecting figs, tree, and the following thing she knows, she's off on an adventure she never imagined, working into folks she never in a million years likely to fulfill. Meanwhile, home, Elner’s tense, high-strung relative Norma faints and winds up during sex with a cool cloth on her mind; Elner’s neighbor Verbena pushes instantly to the Bible; her vehicle driver friend, Luther Griggs, operates his eighteen-wheeler right into a ditch–and the whole city is thrown for a loop and quit questioning, “What is life about, anyhow?” Except for Tot Whooten, who possesses Tot’s Tell It Like It's Beauty Store.

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