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Frank Richards - [Billy Bunter - Bunter Books 10] - Billy Bunter and the Blue Mauritius

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After enjoying a picnic together with his long suffering classmates, Bunter, the crazy Fat Owl of the Remove, demands they have a shortcut back once again to Greyfriars College via a house, that will be purely out-of-bounds. Bunter does not look for 'phone - over' that evening and gets separate in the remaining kids. The world is placed for a series of twists and turns concerning property-seller Mister Hilton Popper, a pimple experienced crook Slender Judson and Bunteris irascible type grasp Mr Quelch. They, as well as the whole college and the regional authorities, get involved in the amusing secret of Mister Hiltonis absent postage-stamp, the valuable Orange Mauritius.

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