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Gabrielle Kimm - His Last Duchess (retail)

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That is my last duchess painted on the wall,Lured from the warm sunlight and stunning interests of Renaissance Italy, sixteen-year-old Lucrezia de' Medici views a gilded existence extending ahead. Her rich new partner handpicked her to become his woman, and his excellent fortress in Ferrara is likely to be her playground. But Alfonso d'Este, Duke of Ferrara rapidly proves to be just-as harmful and strange as he's black and fine, and the rock walls of the fortress appear to lure Lucrezia such as for instance a prison.Only the dukeis enthusiast Francesca appears in a position to acquire his growing fury, as his desperate need certainly to create an heir pushes him deeply into risky infatuation. With her mind saturated in heartbroken desires, Lucrezia flees from him down a dangerous path that'll charge her everything.Step in to the stylish world of the Robert Browning poem "My Last Duchess," as thought by Gabrielle Kimm, where she brings alive the interests and folks of sixteenth century Tuscany and Ferrara.

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