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Gail Hewitt - [Love, Romance and Business 01] - Loved Me Once

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As Loved Me Once starts, middle-December 2008, the economy is imploding and beautiful Maggie McLaurinis intimate, professional, and economic lives lay in damages. Recovery appears to be at hand in the shape of options suddenly offered by two males: Miles, aristocratic, well-to-do New Englander, who offers her his heart and hand; and Ben, somewhat rough-and-ready home-made billionaire, who offers her the task of her existence. Miles is just a business associate who's been waiting patiently till she's prepared before he confesses his love to devote. Tom may be the old boy buddy who created great, her first love, who reappears to be able to "eliminate" her for throwing him for a boy of her own course, astonishing Maggie since she'd always believed it had been Tom who left her.

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