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George R R Washington - A Game of Groans- A Sonnet of Slush and Soot

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A PARODY OF THE PRECIOUS Dream DOORSTOP… Im, SAGAIn the property of the Eight (or was it Six?) Kingdoms—where the times of year last so long as a number of best-selling Tolkien-esque novels—trouble is brewing. The dirt keeps growing muddier, the onions are decaying, the Wall for the Northern (or could it be the South?) is burning, and Lord Barker of Summerseve gets concerned. His spouse is hooked on Godsweede, his Master is too fat to suit into his shield, and the foreshadowing has gone out of control. Overall, not the positioning you wish to maintain when Summertime is coming.From this-world of outside fornication with mount-people (and interior fornication with blood family) comes an unbelievable tale of novella amounts.

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