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Georgette Heyer - Sylvester (The Wicked Uncle) (retail)

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"Reading Georgette Heyer may be the next-best thing to reading Jane Austen." -Publishers Weekly Position, prosperity, and beauty are no match for a woman who creates books, Sylvester, Duke of Salford, has demanding needs for a woman. He then meets Phoebe Marlow, a woman with literary ambitions, and life becomes extremely complex suddenly. She fulfills none of his requirements, and a whole lot worse, she's created a book that's sweeping through the lot and creating a myriad of news, and he is the primary character! What Readers Say: "Really a amazing Heyer by having an very actual and cute heroine and a hero who's very individual!" "Among Heyer's many unsung accomplishments, a vintage Pride and Prejudice tale.

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