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Glenda Guest - Siddon Rock

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Stuffed with a rich throw of unforgettable figures, a strong magical realist story of a regular outback town created extraordinary When Macha Connor arrived home from the battle she strolled into town as bare whilst the day she was created, except for well worn and perfect shoes, a messy slouch cap, and the.303 gun she kept across her waist. Macha patrols Siddon Stone by evening, watching within the town's residents: Brigid, Granna, and the melancholic males of the Aberline family; the target Alistair Meakins, with his stylish dreams; Sybil Barber, cleaning away at the bloodstains in her father's butcher shop; Reverend Siggy, scared of the outback scenery and the areais enchanting saltpans; quiet Nell with her crazy pets; publican Marg, usually followed closely by a cloud of orange; and the inscrutable new barman, Kelpie Grind. It's only if her small boy Josis and refugee Catalin Morningstar arrive and stir up the town that Macha understands there's nothing she may do to keep consitently the townspeople secure.

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