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Goddard, Robert - Past Caring

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In a villa to the sun-soaked island of Madeira, Martin Radford is offered another opportunity. His life ruined by scandal, Martin holds in his arms the leather-bound diary of another ruined guy, former British cabinet minister Edwin Strafford. What’s more, Martin has been provided a job—to go back to England and examine the rise and fall of Strafford, an ambitious young politician whose problem, in 1910, is really as mystical whilst the unusual deaths that still bother his family.Martin is fascinated by Strafford’ s tale, by the man’s overpowering love for an attractive suffragette, by her baffling rejection of him and their love affair’s political consequences. But as he retraces Strafford’s ruination, Martin understands that Strafford didn't drop by chance; he was pressed.

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