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Grace Carol - Eye to Eye [RDI]

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DorisGig: recently minted lit prof adopted to Atlanta.Currently: butting heads with Southern-fried brownshirts, combating the college's sonnet-writing Mick Jagger number and—God assist her— enduring the shark-infested seas of on-line dating.RonnieGig: ambitious author delivered to L.A.Currently: back home, although not at home; teaching a ridiculous Beverly Hills "homeboy" and hating the bartending bimbo striking on her behalf good-ol'-child partner (who's installing in much better than she's).Turns out that coasting through life after graduate school may experience nearly the same as just rotating your wheels—but Doris and Ronnie are motivated to locate their correct pathways. It is likely to get large doses of IM, Chardonnay and one mantra: genuine friends may go in other directions and still see eye to eye.

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