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Harry Turtledove - [Videssos - The Tale of Krispos 01] - Krispos Rising

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Until he was driven by crushing taxes from the area he calls home the tale of the child who rises from poverty and adversity to get to be the best chief his planet has actually knownKRISPOS RISINGBorn a peasant, Krispos lives on the household farm. With merely a simple silver piece to his name–a present from the nomad chieftain who stated it transported magic–Krispos brains for the imperial capital, Videssos, and right into a world of danger and chance. KRISPOS OF VIDESSOSKrispos’ rule as emperor of Videssos shows every indication to be short and really bloody–for trouble is brewing. Civil conflict has erupted, and outland raiders are sweeping down in the northlands in a wave of carnage, as rebel soldiers take the field contrary to the emperor.

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