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Isaac Asimov - [Foundation 02] - Foundation and Empire

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The Building Blocks novels of Isaac Asimov are among the great masterworks of science-fiction. Unsurpassed due to their unique mixture of nonstop action, daring ideas, and extensive world-building, they chronicle the struggle of a courageous number of men and women to protect humanity’s light against an inexorable tide of darkness and violence.Led by its founding father, the truly amazing psychohistorian Hari Seldon, and benefiting from its superior science and technology, the Inspiration has survived the greed and barbarism of its neighboring warrior-planets. But now it must face the Empire—still the mightiest force in the Universe even in its death throes. When an ambitious general determined to displace the Empire’s glory turns the vast Imperial fleet toward the Building Blocks, the only real expect the little planet of scholars and scientists is based on the prophecies of Hari Seldon.But not really Hari Seldon might have predicted the birth of the extraordinary creature called The Mule—a mutant intelligence with a power greater dozen battle fleets…a power that may turn the strongest-willed human into an obedient slave.From the Paperback version.

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