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Island 731 - Jeremy Robinson

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“Robinson places his unique mark on Michael Crichton place with this specific frightening present day coat on The Island of Dr. Moreau… Among the greatest Jurassic Park successors.” –Publishers Weekly, starred reviewMark Hawkins, former park ranger and specialist system, has gone out of his element, operating on board the Magellan, an investigation boat learning the Truly Amazing Pacific Rubbish Area. But his work is disrupted when, surrounded by thirty kilometers of decline,  the vessel and its hi-tech methods are affected by a number of unusual failures and the crew is battered by a flaming storm.When the surprise ends and sunlight increases, the overwhelmed crew awakens to locate themselves attached within the defensive cove of the tropical area,and no body knows how they got there. A whole lot worse, the vessel hasbeen sabotaged, two crewman are dead and a third is lacking.

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