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J T Langdon - Hard Time- A Novel of Sapphic S&M in a Women's Prison

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SAPPHIC D & B IN A WOMEN'S PRISON In the writer the best-selling novel of Sapphic B&D, Lady Davenport's Slave, comes her most sizzling guide however. When writer Jessie Greyhorse discovers a dead-man was looking to get touching her your day he was killed, her individual curiosity results in incarceration and sexual slavery in a women's jail. Whenever an idea directs her for the Eastman Women's Correctional Facility, she discovers it's a privately-owned prison using the handle the Inferno, where in actuality the homicide victim worked as a prison guard. With the aid of the District Attorney Jessie moves within the Inferno undercover with only three days to collect whatever information she may on jail problem and abuse.

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