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Jason Halstead - [Blades of Leander 01] - Child of Fate

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Child of Destiny is book 1 in the Knives of Leander seriesEarly winters and remote towns create the upper reaches match just for daring homesteaders. Alto is on the brink to become this type of guy when his father is ambushed by massive raiders in the mountains.Determined to locate support for his father behind Alto leaves his house and sets out with several adventurers assigned with understanding the real character of the raids. Assist for his household grows more and more remote whilst the child is embroiled into a war with a neighboring country and the risks of evil forces from the mountains.A hot-tempered queen from the kingdom drops into Altois fingers by twist of destiny. The fate of two countries rests within their hands, provided they are able to keep them from each otheris throats.Look for these other Knives of Leander publications:Book 1 - Kid of FateBook 2 - Target of FateBook 3 - Silver DragonThe tale proceeds inside the Purchase of the Dragon series:Book 1: Department of the ApeBook 2: Pursuing the DragonBook 3: Sands of Infidelity

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