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Jennifer Chiaverini - [Elm Creek Quilts 14] - The Lost Quilter

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Learn Quilter Sylvia Bergstrom Compson treasures an old-fashioned quilt called by three names -- Chickens in the Atmosphere, after its routine; the Errant Quilt, after the girl who made it; and the Elm Creek Quilt, after the area to which its producer wished to come back. That quilter was Joanna, a fugitive slave who visited from the Underground Train to achieve safe-haven in 1859 at Elm Creek Plantation. Although Joanna's independence demonstrated short lived -- she was forcibly delivered by slave catchers to Josiah Chester's village in Virginia -- she quit the Bergstrom family a most valuable gift, her boy. Hans and Anneke Bergstrom, along with maiden cousin Gerda, lifted the child as their very own, and the key of his identification perished with their era.

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