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Jerry Oltion - [Getaway 02] - Anywhere but Here

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In a global dominated by America's large hand, a completely independent researcher shows the key of quick, inexpensive interstellar journey, causing an exodus like none ever. When a person with a couple of hundred bucks and only a little ingenuity may develop their very own spacecraft, actually Americans can not wait to escape from underneath the Usais domineering thumb.Trent and Donna Stinson, of Rock Springs, Wyoming, close up their pick-up for machine and get searching for a much better life one of the stars, however they quickly discover that you just can not outrun your issues. America's belligerent foreign-policy is growing just like quickly whilst the world's refugees, threatening to destroy mankind's last opportunity for peaceful coexistence. When their very own government attempts to destroy them for exercising the freedoms that people once took for granted, Donna and Trent grudgingly acknowledge that America must certanly be halted.

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