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John Burnham Schwartz - Northwest Corner

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The Brand New York Times Book Review named Booking Street ”, “a success and the story was generally recommended. Today, in an excellent fictional efficiency by among our most powerful and thoughtful authors, John Burnham Schwartz reintroduces us to Booking Road’s memorable figures in an excellent new work of fiction that stands wonderfully alone. Northwest Part is just a captivating tale concerning the complicated, intense, eventually uplifting strength of households in the facial skin of life’s hardest and unforeseen challenges.Twelve decades following a tragic incident and a cover up that resulted in jail time, Dwight Arno, now fifty, is just a guy who has started around without precisely moving forward. Residing alone in Florida, haunted however retaining his head-down, Dwight handles a sporting goods shop and dates a lady to whom he hasn’t unveiled the reality about his past.

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