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John Dahlgren - The Tides of Avarice

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BLIMEY!it is anything all pirates are trained once they're really small, but way too many overlook: never can get on the incorrect part of the librarian. Especially when the librarian is just a lemming!Sylvester Lemmington utilized to see about cannibals, dense woods, life-threatening carnivores, mystical fortune teller, voodoo magic, cut-throat pirates, shipwrecks, mutinies, spaceships and much else in his books, but he never believed he'd experience them for true. May Sylvester conserve his partner, Viola, her hard-as-nails mother and another buddies he is obtained on the way? May he uncover true joy, save his neighborhood of Foxglove in the rule of its callous mayor and locate his long-lost dad? Oh, did we mention that Sylvester has erroneously acquired the absolute most desired prize chart actually?

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