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John Wilson - [Desert Legends 01] - Written in Blood

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Occur the harsh desert planet of the Arizona Area and northern Mexico throughout the 1870s, Published in Blood, the very first payment of the Desert Stories Trilogy, uses fresh Rick Doolen as he tries to locate some trace of the daddy who abandoned his family 10 years earlier. As he moves via a scorched landscape different from the rich West-Coast woodlands of his house, Rick crosses paths by having an range of interesting people, including an Apache player, a cavern-house mystic, a classic Mexican progressive and a strange rubbish. And with each experience he discovers anything more of the world he's joined and provides one more link in a chain leading back to his dad-and back to some dark, chaotic past. Rick involves understand that his dad's life was a lot more complex than he'd thought, and that, in finding his past, he's opened the best way to his potential, as his tale approaches its fascinating finish in a wrecked Mexican hacienda.

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