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Jose Saramago - Cain (ARC)

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The late Nobel laureate’s final book, a significant retelling of the Old Testament "Studying the Portuguese author José Saramago, one quickly senses the clear presence of a master." —Christian Science Monitor "Saramago may be the most sensitive of authors...with a definite-eyed and thoughtful verification of items because they are, and an excellent that may only be called knowledge." —New York Times "Saramago is perhaps the best author of our time."—Chicago Tribune In this, his last book, Saramago daringly reimagines the figures and stories of the Bible through the tale of Cain. Ruined to walk eternally after he kills Abel, he's taken around over time and place. And over and over again Cain encounters an illegal, even cruel Lord. A surprising, effective book composed, and beautifully, in most ways a fitting finish to Saramago’s remarkable profession.

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