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Joseph Henry Gaines - [Tome 01] - Zachania

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ZACHANIA TOME ITome I of the Legendary Zachania series.             Classic advantage of the chair real heroics, the history draws youin right from the start and goes on a thrill-seeking trip that merely takesyour breathing away.Gaines has already reached in to the very spirit of humankind and daresto request the concerns of humankindis morality during times of difficulty and war.     It was an era of discomfort and woe.A period of iniquity existed in lack of hope. Life was brief and saturated in destitution. For six-thousand years our holy property of Kratos bled war.Daily we cried and begged the Gods for a saviour.Then just as we'd forsaken all our religion, something unexpected occurred,.Something so wonderful it questioned our beliefs.Something so breathtaking it'd alter our lifestyles forever.Not even yet in our dreams might we envision what was coming.Finally after generations, our hopes had been answered.At last we'd something to think in.Something for us to endure forSomething we'd be prepared to die for.Now, This was our start, our time to start our lungs and inhale theair of salvation.The amazing time of my fortunate master had appeared,,Just a man, but a man with unmatched sympathy and courage Long Reside my Lord, forever my motivation and forever the man amongst allmen,. Lord PangHigh Monk of the Tashoona Pangkor      They state that once in a generation an idol is born.But nothing like my grasp, he was unique.He was a man of unmatched courage and sympathy for all.He was a man for the folks, a man they'd waited for since the substance of time.This is his story and a story of hope.A story so amazing it shook the gods,,Ganasis (First two sections from ZACHANIA Tome Two today integrated!)SPECIFIC BONUS 1*Also contains the supplementary book - Zachania the State Research Guide.*SPECIAL BONUS 2* Extended excerpt from The Journals & Composition of Lord Talon the Zararhakzar (Your Brain of a Warrior)*    Zachania Tome IZachania Tome II Zachania Tome III Zachania the State Research Guide Zachania the Journals and Verses of Lord Talon Copyright © 2012 Paul James GainesAll privileges reserved.zachania.comZachania Tome I word count - 179,196.Revised May 2013 version.

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