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Josh Ritter - Bright's Passage

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“Bright’s Passing shines using a condensed lyricism that evokes Ray Bradbury in his prime…This may be the work of the talented novelist…” – Stephen King, The Brand New York Times Guide ReviewJosh Ritter’s first novel is just a marvelous, suspenseful, and exclusively affecting tale of the trip taken by way of a father and his toddler son.Henry Bright is recently delivered to West Virginia in the battlefields of the First World-War. Suffering hit by the death of his young partner and uncertain of just how to take care of the infant child she left out, Bright is quickly faced by the damage of the only real house he’s actually recognized. His only expect security may be the angel who has used him to Appalachia in the trenches of France and who today claims to safeguard him and his son.Together, Vibrant and his newborn, plus a cantankerous goat and the angel leading them, make their way via a landscape ravaged by forest-fire toward an unsure answer, haunted by the abiding headache of his experiences in the conflict and shadowed by his lifeless wife’s dad, the Colonel, and his two raw sons. At times painful, at times humorous, and usually held by the pure gorgeousness and distinctive creativity which have created Josh Ritter’s tunes precious to a lot of, this is actually the introduction of the virtuoso fiction author.

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