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Judith Ivory - The Indiscretion

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The beauty, warmth, humor, and emotional strength of award winning writer Judith Ivoryis beautifully intimate stories are unparalleled. Today, in her most stunning book however, she carries the audience for the ruged moors of England to enjoy a love that's bold, enthusiastic,.and most indiscreet.Daring to loveLady Lydia Bedford-Browneis little revolt becomes the experience of her life, when her mentor failures and leaves her trapped on the dangerous Dartmoor using the only additional traveler: a tough, disarmingly appealing Texan called Mike Cody. Mikeis dark, hypnotic and slow-moving, melodic drawl eyes induce Lydia with techniques she never imagined possible. But care god the father's child release her correct Language vices any more?Bad fortune has triggered the running American billionaire to skip their own wedding to an unforgiving woman,for the 2nd time!Worse still,he's caught in the centre of nowhere with a straight laced respectable elegance.

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