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Juliana Garnett - The Baron

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They certainly were on opposite sides of what the law states--however the heart knows no limitations,.Let this charming writer consider one to ancient England, a territory full of legend and lore, in which a nobleman should choose from losing his spirit to some cruel monarch--or losing his heart to a lady he's banned to love,.She is likely to be his triumph--or his downfall.Tré Devaux, Third Baron of Brayeton, has only been appointed High Sheriff of Nottingham. Devaux's mission: to clear the property of the Saxon outlaws who weaken the master's Norman guideline,or face the effects. Tré may allow no body stand-in his way--not really the fascinating Woman Jane Neville, a sympathizer for the Saxon cause who's a lot more than she appears.Jane has learned the ferocious bravery of her famous uncle, Robin Hood, and her unbridled nature evokes emotions in Tré he thought were long-buried. Nevertheless when Linda and Tré ultimately submit for their enthusiasm, they'll be on opposite sides of what the law states--and of a battle that'll cost them both their lives,.

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