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K E Lane - And Playing the Role of Herself

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***Recipient of several "Goldies" in the Golden Crown Literary Society, the leading company for the nourishment and support of quality lesbian literature. And Enjoying the Role of Himself gained in the types of Lesbian Romance, Lesbian Introduction Writer, and the Ann Bannon Common Option Award.Actress Caidence Harris is living her desires after getting a number one role one of the celebrity-studded, experienced throw of 9th Precinct, a warm new police drama shot on-location in glitzy LA. Her occasionally-co-star Robyn Ward is magnetic, attractive, and gorgeous devastatingly, the A -List superstar to the fast-track to super-stardom. Caid is immediately fascinated but forms for companionship, good that Robyn is equally tired and inaccessible, once the two meet on the group of 9th Precinct.

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