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Kallysten - [Visions of Destiny 05] - Fifth Vision of Destiny- Brett

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Whilst the night advances and Daisy witnesses the seer Mike Woods providing her buddies thoughts of the potential, her viewpoint of Woods gradually modifications. Maybe he isn’t after all, the charlatan she thought, and maybe all these glimpses of additional people’s joy are harder to keep than he lets on. His admission that he never experienced genuine love, quickly echoed by her buddy Brett, leaves Daisy unpleasant enough that she eavesdrops on Brett and Woods’ conversation.For all his worries of not locating the individual he's meant to love, Brett finds in his vision that he'll fall in love with not one enthusiast, but two. Two goblins, actually, a guy and a lady, both of them so valuable to him he really wants to show his love by providing them marriage rings.

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