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Kandy Shepherd - The Castaway Bride

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Stuck and shipwrecked with an attractive stranger, a runaway woman lastly hazards dropping her heart.Cristy the perfect wedding was planned by Walters: five-star resort, stunning gown, billionaire spouse-to-be. So just how come on her big day she’s shipwrecked on a tropical island, her robe in tatters, and transported within the limit of the success hut by way of a hot, hunky stranger?With no recovery in sight, Cristy is alone with attractive Matt Slade—a guy who makes her heart race-like it never did for her fiancé. Matt and she discover the island—and one another. As Matt isn't the carefree vessel bottom he seems to be.Can the love they uncover survive in real life from their castaway dream enthusiasm is immediate, confidence comes slowly—especially?

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