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Karen Ranney - A Promise of Love [ZL]

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Ny Times and USA Today best-selling author Karen Ranney shows the tale of the twice-widowed English lady who's fooled into relationship with a hesitant laird.Itis a destitute amount of time in Scotland'shistory, 2 yrs after the '45, and the MacLeods of Tynan Castle have barelymanaged to endure after so many of their countrymen died due to war andstarvation. The very last thing Alisdair MacLeod desires is definitely an Englishwife. The very last thing Judith may endure is another spouse, aside from hisnationality. They are, nevertheless, more equally than their pasts might direct them tobelieve.Scotland after Culloden was an eager place.  There washardship and privation and fear.  But, also one of the wrecks of Tynan Castlethere was the offer of trust and love.

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