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Karl Taro Greenfeld - Triburbia

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After walking their kids for their unique college thrown together by circumstance, several fathers—an audio manufacture, an artist, a movie maker, a cook, a memoirist, a gangster—meets every morning in a nearby Tribeca cafe. The audio engineer seems uncomfortably such as the man on the sex-offender cards thrown round the community; the memoirist is on the brink to be outed for fabricating his encounters; and the narcissistic cook places his pursuit for an ideal quail-egg frittata before his youngsters' well-being. Within the span of just one school year, we're aware of their secrets, interests, and expectations, and understand of the desires because they face unpleasant facts about success, desire, and gender delayed. And we fulfill their kids and spouses, who as well as these males are finding the difficult facts and pleasant shocks that accompany relationship, family, and property at midlife.

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