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Kate Moore - To Kiss a Thief [SRR]

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A fascinating Signet Regency Romance Accessible Electronically For the First Time Dreadfully dissatisfied by her first period, Maggie Somerley flees her mind to be eased by London for the Earl of Haddon’s country estate. Her refuge is disrupted when she draws she is then promptly abducted by a thief in the act of stealing a cache of secret government papers from the library—who aswell. Today, the timid neglect who appeared therefore unacceptable to large society’s qualified bachelors has captured the attention of the rogue whose genuine actual identification and objective stay a mystery—and who appears determined to grab her heart… Features a survey of Blackstone’s Woman, May 2012 accessible. Don’t skip Kate Moore’s pleasant Signet Regency Romance, An Incorrect Widow, July 2012 accessible!

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