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Katherine Kingsley - Once Upon a Dream

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Lucy Kincaid continues a life of isolation and boredom in her stepmother's home on Ireland's windswept coast.  All she's to maintain her are her desires, until your day the gold stranger seems on a ledge-- a stranger who gazes at her with love-in his eyes and composition on his lips.  Lucy's center is missing-- until she realizes that he's the adversary: a hated Englishman, the person whose household took her birthright.Once upon a passionRaphael Montagu, eight Duke of Southwell, queries futility for the mysterious Irish beauty he'd liked at first view, particular that only she could recover his injured heart.  But when destiny finally returns her to him in a London ball, she denies ever having noticed him before.  And when he promises her with a hug and a promise of everlasting love, she disappears once more, leaving him with no idea regarding her identity.  His only wish would be to travel back to Ireland to discover the secret that forced her from his part-- and finally claim her for their own. . .

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