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Keith Ablow - [Dr Frank Clevenger 04] - Psychopath

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    • Added Added: Sep 22, 2021 (2.7 Yrs Ago)
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Former doctor, Frank Clevenger, is utilized by the FBI to capture an elusive assassin referred to as the "Highway Killer", that has quit twelve bodies thrown across twelve states. Clevenger hesitantly allows the situation, but what the regulators can't and he understand is the fact that the Freeway Killer is not merely a serial killer - he's also a psychiatrist, whose beauty as a doctor is matched only by his accuracy like an assassin. A gripping public treatment originates, when he produces to a nationwide paper difficult Clevenger to heal him via an exchange of open characters. But whilst the Freeway Monster affects the challenges that inhabit their own tortured brain, his violence increases to new levels.

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