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Kirby Gann - Ghosting

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A desperate drug kingpin enslaved to the memory of his deceased wife; a girl torn between a promising potential and the hardscrabble world she was raised in; a mom prepared to do something to gas her dependence on tablets; and her youngest boy, trying to find the reality behind his older brother's disappearance, are simply a few of the memorable characters that fill Ghosting, Kirby Gann's rich and lyrical book of family and neighborhood, and the scarves that may both connect and betray.Fleece Skaggs has vanished, along side drug seller Lawrence Gruel's reefer harvest. Determining that the easiest way to find out what happened to his older brother would be to take his spot as a drug runner for Gruel, John Cole falls right into a dark underworld of drugs, assault, and long hidden family secrets, where finding what happened to his brother might cost him his life.A style-subverting fictional thriller told in the switching standpoint of various people, Cat is equally an easy mission for the truth—what precisely happened to Fleece Skaggs?—and a complicated thought of individual frailty.

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