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Korey Mae Johnson - Shared Between Them [Stormy Night]

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Regarded untouchable by her relative, Kyra hasbeen an outcast all her life. Subsequently two huge, combat-hardened individual players step into her hardwoods on the quest to destroy a giant and maintain an excellent reward, and after her test at small robbery is foiled, she sees himself stripped bare and comfortably spanked.But that's only the start, for the reward for the demise of the giant isn't only gold and gems, but the palm of an elf-maiden in relationship, and Kyra is shocked to the core when she discovers that the people haven't only finished the quest which cost the life span of each prior adventurer, but they've selected her as their prize.Taric and Draeven neither comprehend or concern themselves with Kyra’s standing being an outcast—all they observe may be the most stunning of all of the elves, a lady who they've both wished to claim as their very own and load with their seed because they first set eyes upon her. Elevated as siblings, they've discussed several ladies before, and now they'll reveal a wife—and consider her by any means they please, as frequently as they please, till she holds a son for them… the half-elven son of giantslayers whose delivery is definitely foretold.Kyra, who'd never likely to experience the enjoyment of the man’s mild contact, now should send himself to the intense, pressing requirements of two hulking barbarians. However something stirs within her, and although she blushes with shame at the thought, she wonders if your time will come soon when she'll plead for more.Publisher’s Notice: Contributed Between Them is definitely an erotic book which includes both consensual and non-consensual spankings, anal play, visual sexual displays including threesomes and gender for the goal of reproduction, exhibitionism, aspects of BDSM, and a lot more.

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