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Leslie Tentler - [Chasing Evil 02] - Midnight Fear

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"I respected you, Caity"The still of the night time is once more broken by Caitlyn Cahillis repeating nightmare—her sibling standing before her, grasping a butcher knife, his eyes dark with hate. 2 yrs previously, the previous Washington, D.C., socialite defied her effective senator dad and risked the wreck of her family by assisting the FBI link her struggling sibling into a chain of terrible killings. "The Administrative Centre Monster" was delivered to jail for life…and Caitlynis world dropped apart.Now, FBI representative Reid Novak is pressured to rend the serenity Caitlyn has available on a rural Va horse park. A copycat killer is on the loose and gradually toying with Caitlyn—his supreme target—in a terrorizing cat–and–mouse sport.

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