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Linda Kay Silva - [Across Time 02] - Second Time Around

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Book Two in the incredible Across Time-Series is here now--and they’re all Maeve, Jessie Ferguson, Madame Ceara, Tanner, Cate and again. Jessie, who first discovered a website to yesteryear in Across Time, hesitantly answers a call from an entirely different place and time--Elizabethan England--and to her consternation, she exists to locate himself incarnated as a man! She’s Chief Spencer Morgan, trolling the oceans searching of exactly the same mystical chest, discovered from its Druid burial ground, that the one and only Sir Francis Drake is searching--a chest rumored to retain the best of items: the method for the legendary transmutation of lead into gold. Jessie understands the genie should stay static in the container permanently.

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