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Lisanne Norman - [Sholan Alliance 05] - Dark Nadir

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The planet of Jalna had revealed many tips for the Sholan-Individual groups sent there on a relief mission. The conflicts had resulted in the hurt Carrie and Kusac being put into cryo on the low-Sholan boat, with Kaid frantically attempting to hurry them back once again to Sholan health-related services. But before they can achieve their rendezvous point, the ship they were on was captured in a Valtegan lure, departing Kaid hardly the full time to deliver Carrie's and Kusac's existence-pods into room, in the hope that they'd be discovered by friendly forces. Kaid was selected he and his individuals were condemned, until an enormous boat instantly materialized, gathering up equally Kaidis the Valtegan enemy and dispatch.

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