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Loretta Chase - [Regency Noblemen 02] - The Devil's Delilah

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“One of the best and most pleasant authors in romance.” –Mary Jo PutneyThe basic conventional Regency from Ny Times-Bestselling writer, Loretta Chase, is back…What’s a woman to complete, when her dad, referred to as Demon Desmond, is among the most notorious rogues in every of England? Delilah Desmond isn't pleased. To supply for her, her father has offered his memoirs, full of scandalous and uncomfortable exploits—effectively destroying her chances for an appropriate relationship, so she could help her family while preserving her father from disgrace.But it appears the manuscript is sought after by a variety of dishonest individuals, and stopping its book will be difficult; particularly since it's been taken. May the new-tempered Delilah and her really reluctant accomplice, absent-minded, bookish, Port Langdon together with his gentle gray tousled hair and eyes, save the catastrophe?

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